What Makes the Perfect Fruit Machine?


However provoking and exciting the theme of each fruit machine, a true classic is not without its bonus features. It’s what makes a slot machine unique and exciting and more importantly, different from the rest. Every fruit machine is designed in a similar way, therefore it is crucial that the bonus features really sell the game and encourage as many people to play as possible.

Over at onlinefruitmachines a dedicated online fruit machine portal has been developed to cater for the needs of those who enjoy playing fruit machines. The guide provides information on each and every fruit machine, along with recommendations on where to play, and tips for helping players to win.

A classic example which must be referred to is the UK’s number one fruit machine, Rainbow Riches. This is a fantastic game enthused with luck and motivation to win big. However, this would not be possible without the ‘Road to Riches’ bonus feature which requires the player to collect three lucky Leprechaun hats. This allows access to the road to winning a huge amount of cash and represents the physical journey that the player is able to experience whilst playing the slot machine game online. As well as this, the bonus feature allows the game to become more enticing and fulfilled with excitement as if the player manages to remain on the ‘Road to Riches’, they could slot88 possibly claim £500 on top of their initial stake. It is this bonus feature alone that allows the player to win large quantities of cash, and without it, the motivation to improve the original stake would not exist.

The game also includes gold symbols, which the player is also urged to collect throughout the game. This can in some ways be seen as the epitome of riches and wealth that the player is ultimately aiming to achieve. Another symbol of the cash that can be won is that of the wishing well symbols. These symbols clearly emphasise the luck that can the game represents.

Another famous online slot machine game which is successful as a direct result of the bonus features that are incorporated into the game is Moneyspinner, which although suggests riches and wealth in the name itself, would not actually allow the large amount of money to be won without the incorporated bonus features, which make the slot machine unique. Symbols of wealth are used in this slot in the form of coins. The silver coins allow winning spins to be guaranteed every single time, which inspires the players to play as from the perspective of the slot machine, it is impossible to lose. As well as this, the collection of gold coins allows extra spins to be added to each silver coin collected by the player. Both of the features interestingly combine to produce a fantastic and successful bonus round.

Although not always regarded as a bonus feature, the ‘autospin’ device also motivates players to play particular slot machine games. This is due to the idea that the spins are automatic and do not require the participation of the player until an actual decision has to be made during the game.

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