Is your Hunter regularly shamed by his foes in PvP? Do you fantasize about a high arena rating and the glory that comes with massive amounts of honorable kills?

I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been there and know the embarrassment of getting killed time after time. The stress of my teammates screaming at me for screwing up again and leaving us losers.

But that’s all in the past for me now. And if you keep reading I’ll tell you how to get past this too. I’ve learned the secret to being the Hunter everyone wants on their team. And if you would like, I can share that secret with you right now.

The PvP Bible, from WoW PvP star T Dub Sanders is my secret. Why do I say the PvP Bible is the secret? Because it is stuffed with useful info (225+ pages of it), it’s detailed, not fluffy, and it contains the distilled wisdom of someone who earned a 2367 arena rating last season and has over 104,500 lifetime honorable kills!

T Dub has put together the best Hunter PvP guide there is. He starts with the best Hunter PvP build and expands out from there. with your Hunter PvP spec out of the way, Sanders walks you through strategy and tactics for every one-on-one duel you could run into.

Do you know the best Hunter PvP build? Exactly what to do when a Death Knight hits you with Death Grip? The best attack sequence to take down a Mage? T Dub does, and he shows you how to do it in the PvP Bible.

Beware: You’re never going to achieve your PvP dreams if you don’t use the strategies in the bible. Instead, your Hunter will continue to be dominated by players who already take advantage of the bible!


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