The emergence of flat screen TVs have set a new trend in the TV consumer market. People are now expecting much better performance from TV sets and fortunately they are getting it. And while most TV manufacturers are focusing on the race for LCD supremacy, Plasma TV is still here and is still the technology to beat in large flat screen TVs. Samsung is one of the top tier Plasma TV manufacturers that have received many accolades for their quality. And with their Samsung PS42B430, they have achieved a balance that made this 42 inch plasma TV very appealing.

A 42 inch widescreen TV may seem too much for a room, it seems too big, and too pricey. But the Samsung PS42B430 is the plasma TV that changes this notion. Being a part of the 4 series entry level of the Plasma TV models released by Samsung in 2009, it is considered a budget TV and the runt of the lot. For anyone who wants a huge TV to compliment their living room and to be the focal point of their home entertainment system at a low price, the Samsung PS42B430 is a great choice.

To the rear of the Samsung PS42B430, at the lower left side, are well placed ports for connectivity. With the stand of the Samsung PS42B430 able to swivel, it is relatively easy to reach them. Unfortunately though, because of the size and heft of this Samsung TV, it can be a bit difficult for a small person to do this. Also, for an HDTV coming from a well known manufacturer, the Samsung PS42B430 is left wanting when it comes to connectivity selections, even though it’s the basic model. What you will find are two HDMI ports, and an analogue audio input. There are also 2 component video inputs, and one of them also serves as an input for composite video. Then there is an antenna port and an associated analogue audio input. Output ports consist of 2 audio outs, a digital and an analogue audio out. samsung au7700

The true value though of an HDTV, whether plasma or LCD, is its picture performance, and sadly, the Samsung PS42B430 is a 720p HDTV. For its size, it would have been better off if it had a higher resolution, like 1080p. The difference though would only be highly noticeable when watching HD movies using Blu-ray or HD DVD. For regular viewing, it doesn’t really make a great distinction. But being a plasma TV, the black levels of the Samsung PS42B430 are excellent. And with the brightness levels, the Samsung TV once again scored high. Both of these are important as they spell the difference in showing the details in dark and bright scenes. Contrast wise, this Samsung television tested fairly average. It was neither terrible nor exceptional. Even with a 2000000:1 ratio, it does not reach the highest levels, but considering that it’s an entry level TV, it’s definitely good enough for the regular viewer, and compared to CRT TVs, they are exceptional.

Keeping that in mind, the Samsung PS42B430 is a large TV without any doubt, it lives up to the Samsung reputation and looks very stylish. And with a low price tag, it’s a great bargain for anyone who wants a large flat screen TV that performs well.


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