Patio Furniture


This is an entirely different and interesting aspect of the world of furniture, as it is completely concerned with the outdoors. Naturally the furniture have to be of different kind as well, in order to stand the rain, drizzle, mists, the scorching sun and even the environmental and temperature fluctuations.

Cedar patio furniture

The patio furniture is usually hand crafted from the quality range of cedar wood – especially the western red cedar proves to be great when it all comes to the outdoors furniture set. This is because the cedar is specifically highly weather resistant. The western red cedar proves to be the perfect choice because this class of cedar wood has an awesome natural resistance to crack, rotting and wrapping. Every single part is pre drilled and the hardware such as screws and nuts and bolts etc. are zinc plated. This is one of the most essential features that any patio furniture must have in order to protect them from rust.

Some of the outdoor furniture makers tend to sand the wooden part to the finest finish. Although there is no any hard and fast rule regarding this, yet some manufacturers prefer this in order to enhance the beauty. Moreover, the sharp corners of the patio furniture are made round to avoid accident, especially in case of the children.

The wide range of patio furniture includes almost all the items that Outdoor Wicker Furniture are usually required for outdoors. The list includes deck chairs, round picnic tables, multi-sitter bench, garden arbor, and other accessories.

Teak patio furniture

Teak garden furniture is another grade of furniture used in the spacious patios. With very smooth feel and the trendy look of the teak patio furniture makes it one of the most demanding categories of outdoor furniture. The most significant properties of the teak patio furniture are that firstly, it does not splinter and secondly, it does not get hot when exposed to the scorching sun for hours, although teak wood has a typical look of a warm wood.

The most salient drawback of the teak patio furniture is that it is highly expensive and cannot be afforded by the general flock. Initiatives are being taken by the world’s renowned manufacturer of the teak patio furniture to pull down the price in order to bring these lucrative items within the budget of the general mass.

Metal patio furniture

It is beyond all controversies that nothing can beat the aesthetic charm of the royal and vintage metal patio furniture. Although it is quite tough to maintain the metal furniture in the gardens and patios, yet there are many ways to do this. Applying high quality paints and spray will prevent the metals from getting rust. Before painting or spraying it is mandatory to remove the rusts with the help of grade-A rust remover and sand them thoroughly and wipe the dust off.

Wicker patio furniture

The wicker patio furniture is again different types of furniture accentuated by the contemporary styles and designs. This furniture is made of the quality grade of polypropylene resin bands or wickers, which are tightly hand woven on the light weight rattan frames. This gives the furniture a look of glory.

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