New Zealand’s Participation in Online Gambling


New Zealand and Australia are the most popular locations for online casinos and online gambling companies. These two countries provide an industry brimming with gamblers, and companies that operate online want to capitalize on the potential. Internet gambling has become very well-known within New Zealand, but few details are available on this particular market as it is still to be completely regulated.


The Problem Gambling Foundation of New slot online gampang menang Zealand has investigated the subject, releasing the facts sheet, which demonstrates the growing popularity of gambling online in New Zealand. According to the report, between 8 10 to 10 percent from New Zealand residents take part in online gambling. This includes games played at casinos on the internet , or using mobile phones. The gambling on TV is also included in this category.


It is not known much about New Zealand’s gambling market currently however some research has provided some insight. It is for instance, it appears that Maori people are more likely to gamble online since 17% of the online gamblers in New Zealand are of this particular race. Another study suggests that males in their teens of Asian descendance are also more likely to play online casino games.


The current online gambling laws stipulate that the only firms that can offer online gambling services to citizens are those that are regulated by government. The two only operators that can offer this service include TAB Corp and the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. It isn’t illegal for residents to play at online casinos, roulette slots , and other games in casinos provided by international operators, however these operators could be penalized for offering their services within the country.


Although New Zealand seems to have extremely strict rules regarding online gambling, it appears to change. For a long time, TAB Corp was the only licensed company for betting on the internet in New Zealand but the government has granted for the New Zealand Lotteries Commission to establish its own gaming site. This New NZ Lotto website allows customers to buy tickets online and also play various casino games online which is a major step forward to players in the New Zealand gambling market.

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