For Halloween evening you can dress up as whatever your heart desires. Be it human, animal or vegetable you can find a costume online to fulfill your needs. There is a huge variety of costumes for you to choose from.

The gal who wants to be glamorous has plenty costumes to choose from, but nothing can exude more glamor than Marilyn Monroe. She was a shining superstar during her brief life, and she still fascinates people around the globe many years after her tragic passing. roofing contractors monroe la  Absolutely the quintessential glamor movie star of 1950s and 60s Marilyn and her movies are still in high demand by millions of movie fans.

Marilyn was the huge superstar who many would like to emulate, but this is not possible of course. Few are gifted with the face and the figure of the gorgeous blonde bombshell. Even fewer have the acting aptitude either, and most of us would find her lifestyle impossible to keep up with. Needless to say everyone can dream the ultimate dream, and on Halloween night can put on a Marilyn Monroe wig and a gorgeous 1950s styled dress, and hey, like magic you can be Marilyn for the evening. Her hairstyle is fairly simple to copy, and lovely blonde wigs which are just right for the part are available at a quite low price.

You can become Marilyn Monroe and a superstar for one special evening and fulfill your dreams for this day at least. When you are Marilyn Monroe you will be admired by the crowd at any affair, and will be the reigning queen of your party for Halloween evening. You need not worry about any Halloween ghosts or other spooks. You can be sure you will have many male protectors who will rush to defend you, against the Halloween nasties.

Pick up a gorgeous blonde Marilyn wig, a beautiful 1950s style dress, and a pair of nice high heel shoes. That is what you want in order to be a gorgeous blonde superstar for Halloween.


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