Make Money Online By Writing


From many writers, the simplest approach to make money off of your writing is to offer the service of writing. More often than not, writers can earn their main incomes from offering freelance services related to writing. It’s not a bad gig also to offer your writing service at fiverr for as little as $5 to people who need written articles for publications, leading to accumulating more money. The growing number of websites online need an ever increasing amount of material to improve sites making now one of the best times in history to be a freelance writer – at least in terms of work available.

It has also become fairly easy to reach out and make yourself known as a freelance writer – writing a blog post once a week that would be of interest to the sorts of clients that would like to work with can bring you plenty of money without much more marketing.

What Writing Service Are You Offering?

The variety of writing work out there is incredible. You can get project writing copy for websites, writing annual reports for companies, writing blog posts and just about anything else out there that involves lining up works in a row.

You can also earn a living offering services related to writing. You can provide coaching for other writers, offer editing or research, offer project management for big writing projects without actually doing the writing. There really is an incredible amount of opportunities out there for service providers.

That does mean, though, some point, every writer offering services has to sit down and decide exactly what sort of services he or she has interest in offering. There are specialized skills that go along with different types of writing. The techniques you need to write successful greeting cards are very different from the techniques you need to write successful articles optimized for search engines, hence a great consideration need to be taken.

One of the consideration when it comes to offering writing services is that, without some careful planning, there isn’t a clear career plan. You start writing and then raise your rates on a regular basis because ten years down the road you will still be writing and may not be able to increase your rates owing to the fact that there aren’t any clients available to pay higher prices.

Nevertheless, the  reddit essay writing service aforementioned guide doesn’t mean that being some sort of writing service provider is a dead-end-path. It just means that a little thought is necessary to make sure that you’re building up a career, rather than just earning money in the short-term.

Like many careers, a lot of future opportunities focus on going into management: creating an agency, for instance, where you manage projects ( and do some writing) and have a team of writers who do the lion’s share of the work. There are plenty of other options, but most will require you to give up a purely service-based approach. The key, though, is to refrain from thinking of yourself as just a freelancer. Think of yourself as a business owner – someone with a future booming enterprise that needs to grow rather than someone who just happens to earn money by writing.


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