How to Stop Missing Your Favorite Television Shows



One thing that is frustrating is to watch a series on television and miss an episode. Sometimes the time that the show comes on changes, there are special nights for it because of other things on the TV, and there are power outages and emergency broadcasts that make it impossible to watch at all. While this can be frustrating, there are tons of options to not missing your favorite shows.

First of all, there are many online notification services that let you know when shows are coming on. homeland project free tv This takes care of the problem when they are moved to different nights or have special features that you were not aware of. Many of these services will send you an email so you can get an idea of when things are coming on.

You can use a DVR to help record your shows so that you can watch them even if you aren’t around. While these are still subject to fail with power outages or emergency weather, they still do a great job.

If you can’t watch it on your home television, you can use the internet to watch quite a few shows. The easiest thing to do is go to Hulu and watch your show there. Not everything is on this site but quite a few networks have their shows here. As long as you have the Flash plugin on your browser which most people do, you can watch TV there.

Additionally, many major networks offer full episodes online on their sites. Go to the networks web site and look to see if your show is there. This is a very easy way of catching up.

Even if you can’t find your show this way, most of the time you can buy individual episodes at places like Amazon or iTunes. This will cost about a dollar or two but you will own the episode and be able to watch it. This way you don’t have to miss anything.

It’s not fun to miss your favorite television show. There are quite a few ways that you can prevent this from happening even watching the show at other locations.


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