Livening up the look of your deck, patio, or pool area is easy when you add new patio furniture. Making the space more welcoming for times when you want to entertain friends and family or for just relaxing outdoors yourself is enhanced by the furniture and furnishings that you choose. When choosing new patio furniture, the function of the furniture and the space where it will be used is important.


The most important consideration to make when you are buying new patio furniture is what you will use the furniture for. Will you be entertaining friends in the area, and will you be mainly sitting or will you also be dining? Do you want to go with a strictly utilitarian look for the patio or do you want to recreate a living room look outside? By considering the function of the patio furniture before buying it, you will have a better idea of what type of furniture to purchase.


You should also determine if you will be keeping any of the existing furniture that is on your patio. If so, you want to coordinate your new purchases to go with whatever items you elect to keep. And while you don’t have to match everything exactly, you want to stay in the same family of colors or textures. For example, if you like the look of wicker and plan to keep some of your older wicker patio furniture, then strive to complement the old with the new for a finished and tailored look.

Choosing Materials

One of the biggest decisions when Outdoor Wicker Furniture choosing patio furniture is the material that is used in its construction. Choose from:

• Wood. A variety of species of wood is used in the manufacture of patio furniture, but none are more beautiful than teak. All wood furniture requires maintenance, even those pieces that are pressure treated. Staining and sealing the wood furniture annually is generally required in order to prevent fading and splintering.

• Metal. From ornate and intricately designed wrought iron to inexpensive aluminum, metal is a great choice for outdoor furniture for the patio. Metal can be rather beautiful and completely maintenance free, especially if you choose powder-coated metal furniture that is specifically crafted to guard against rust and corrosion.

• Wicker. A timeless choice for any outdoor space is beautiful wicker, and the good news is that unlike wicker of days gone by, today’s modern wicker is typically only crafted to look like wicker – which makes it a good choice for outside. It is usually rubberized casings that are positioned onto aluminum frames and wires. You can find a plethora of different designs in this imitation or faux-wicker, and it is available at a much lesser cost than its traditional counterparts. Of course you can still find real wicker on the market, but it is more ideal for a sunroom or other covered area where it cannot be harmed by exposure to moisture.

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