How to Make Cool Outfits With Kids Clothes


You can have a lot of fun shopping for kids clothes if you learn how to put together cool outfits. It’s not very hard but there are some criteria you must be aware of and then you will always know Techwear Clothing what to buy. Whenever I put together a new outfit for my website, I use a different approach. Over the time I have looked at many different styles and figured out a way to put together cool outfits with kids clothes. While I agree that there is not “the one right” way to do it, I believe in some ground rules.

The nice thing is that you can start with any item of clothing. Most people start out with a shirt or sweater – even I did that in the beginning. But then you might find a cool accessory that you’d really like your child to wear; then you should create an outfit with kids clothes around that accessory. In other words, you can start with any item of clothing, but that item is going to outline already what the outfit as a whole should look like. With this in mind, I believe the best approach to put together a new outfit with kids clothes is by finding some random item that you would love to have your child wear. My favorite example is belts. You might come across a belt that you would like to see your son with. That’s a very good starting point!

In order to be able to build an outfit around any item of clothing, you need to understand the relation between these items and how they make up an outfit for your child. To clarify my point, let me explain what it’s like if you didn’t understand all these relations: Let’s say (hypothetically) you only knew how to choose pants and shoes that match your kid’s shirts. You would always have to start an outfit by choosing a shirt first! If you started with the pants, you wouldn’t know what shirt and shoes to choose, because you have only learned how a shirt influences the rest of an outfit; and not how pants influence a whole outfit. So to give you an example, I would like to use belts again: I’m pretty sure not many start their boys’ outfits by choosing a belt, first. But the belt always decides what shoes your son has to wear. A black belt means black shoes. Now that you know what shoes your son is going to wear, you can easily find matching pants for him. By now you already have half of the outfit and all that’s left is a shirt and maybe a sweatshirt (and in some cases a hat).

Another, very important rule is to not change any previously chosen item. So to use my belt example again: Once you have chosen your shoes, you’re probably going to find pants next. If you come across pants that you really want your son to wear, do not go back to the shoes and change them for the sake of those pants. This will only make a mess of the outfit because it will make it incoherent. What you would have to do is put these pants to the side, finish the outfit you’ve just started, and then start a new outfit that you build around those pants. I cannot stress this enough: Do not go back to an already chosen item of clothing and change it. You must move on and finish the outfit step by step.

So here are my three ground rules for putting together cool outfits with kids clothes:

1) Start with any item of clothing that inspires you and you love to see your child wear.
2) Identify the relation between that specific item of clothing with the other parts of the outfit.
3) Choose each item one by one. Don’t go back and change a previously chosen item for the sake of a new one. Instead, build an entirely new outfit around that item after having finished the already started outfit.

So now you will be able to put together cool outfits with kids clothes. I wish you and your children a lot of fun!

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