The most frustrating parts of learning how to enhance is learning that THEY CAN FAIL! Not only can they fail, but failing can have negative side-effects for your gear! This is why you must read the guide below so that you do not lose your time, your character’s money, or your cool!

Before you can use Enchantment stones, you must create them. In order to create them, visit a nearby General Goods Merchant and purchase Extraction Tools. One set of tools is used per extraction. In order to extract, you must Right-Click on the Extraction Tools and then Left-Click on the item you wish to extract from.

There are some important guidelines! First, you can only extract from items that can be enhanced. These are your chest slot, legs slot, shoulders slot, hands slot, feet slot, primary slot, and secondary slot. Second, when you extract from an item, that item is destroyed. Do not extract from items you wish to keep or use, obviously.

Once you have extracted an item, you will receive Enchantment stones. They come in the form: Level # Enchantment. The level corresponds to an item’s level, not your level.

Now that you know how to extract and create Enchantment stones, I will tell you how you apply them to an item. The first important part is figuring out the level of the item you wish to enhance. Quite simply, the item’s level is the required level to use that item (but there is more!). This can typically be found just by looking at the item’s statistics, as it will say what level is required RTP . For some items, such as quest rewards, there is no given level on the item. In order to figure out the level of these items, you must know what level the quest was that resulted in that item. For instance, if a quest said “Level 10” in front of it and completing it resulted in an item, that item’s level would be 10.

Once you know your item’s level, the next step is figuring out what level Enchantment stone to use. In order to do this, you must know whether the item is of White rarity, Green rarity, Blue rarity, or Orange rarity. You can simply do this by looking at the item and seeing what color the item’s name is written in. Once you know the item’s level and its color use the following to figure out what Enchantment stone to use:

White Item = Item’s Level +1-10 Levels
Green Item = Item’s Level +5-20 Levels
Blue Item = Item’s Level +15-40 Levels
Orange Item = Item’s Level +30-50 Levels

When using an Enchantment stone from the above guide, take note that using the lower extremity will cause you to have a lower chance of success. If you have a Level 10 White item, you will have a higher percent of success if you use a Level 13 Enchantment stone than if you used a Level 11 Enchantment stone. Also, if you use too high of an Enchantment stone, your chance of success will be diminished as well.

Now that you know how to create Enchantment stones and use them to enhance your gear, you must be wondering what the point of it all is! Each item can be enhanced up to 10 times. Although this seems fairly easy to obtain, you can take either two paths to reaching it. One involves spending lots of your character’s money on purchasing the best-to-use Enchantment stones; the other involves spending lots of risk on using lower level Enchantment stones that will sometimes fail. What happens when you fail? Your item loses one level of enhancement! This is why it is important to use the correct level Enchantment stones. The good news is that items cannot reach negative enhancement levels; it will stop at 0. The bad news, obviously, is that it can take quite a bit of time and money to reach 10.


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