Fashion trends keep changing more often. Style statements that sell like hotcakes today may turn into nothing more than obsolete by this time tomorrow. This fact not only holds true for the apparel industry alone but also jewelry and fashion accessories. The lineage of wedding rings dates back to thousands of years. In the Roman Empire, the especial piece of ornament symbolized ownership or “belonging to another.” However, back in those days it was only the women folk who used to wear the rings. In other words, the exclusive ornament indicated the woman wearing it is under a contract with a person to spend life together as man and wife.

It was much later – precisely, during the Vatican period, when elements of romance were fused with wedding rings. The round shape of the rings rightly symbolized eternal love between couples. The social changes that occurred during the period actually got reflected in wedding rings. It was during this time when arranged marriages became less and less popular. Actually, both men and women enjoyed greater freedom to choose their partners for love and friendship as financial security and social position became much irrelevant. There was yet another phase change – as far as the wedding Rings for men history of wedding bands goes – during the devastating episode of WWI. Young men who were fighting the enemy at the front missed their homes and their families. Gradually, they started slipping the rings into their fingers to symbolize their love for their near and dear ones back home.

It was from this time onwards that men started sporting the unique piece of ornament to announce their marital status. The trend continues even to this day and time. In the latest development a range of unique wedding bands for men is dictating the trends across the market. The variety of merchandise is based on an impressive array of designs and reasonably priced. Traditional jewelry metals like gold and silver are exorbitantly expensive. In fact, those are quite unaffordable for common folks. Moreover, the precious metals have the flair of undergoing biochemical reaction with human body. Therefore, scratches, irritations and other minor medical problems often arise from wearing ornaments made from those metals.

In this circumstance, a range of metals like tungsten, titanium, and others is steadily gaining prominence across the jewelry industry. These are much reasonable alternates to the precious metals. Demand for tungsten wedding rings is flowing in from all directions. The assortment of ornaments comes with a natural glitter. From technical aspect, these ornaments are actually made from a unique compound named tungsten carbide. It is made by mixing equal parts of tungsten and carbon. This chemical compound is one of the hardest substances found on earth. Therefore, tungsten ornaments are absolutely scratch-free and resistant to dents and scratches resulting from regular wear and tear.

Tungsten rings are ideal for them who remain involved in sports and other outdoor activities throughout the year. It is absolutely safe to go for a swim in the saline seawater with the range of ornaments on.

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