Safe drivers know that they should be aware not only of the dangers of other drivers’ negligent behavior, but also of the potential hazards that exist out on the highways. Ongoing construction can present particularly dangers situations, both to drivers and to the workers on site, since there are many hazards present that can potentially cause harm. A construction project can change the familiar nature of roads and can present obstacles that surprise drivers. If the road construction is not properly maintained, repaired, or replaced, it can lead to potential accidents and injuries.

Road Construction Dangers Mechanical services Telford

The hazards that road construction projects can present to drivers include:


  • Distractions. Construction sites add plenty of outside distractions to drivers. Distracted drivers may fail to notice warning signs, equipment, or construction workers in their paths.
  • Construction debris. Equipment and materials used in construction projects can add debris to the path of oncoming traffic. To avoid it, a driver might try to swerve and in doing so, potentially cause an accident.
  • Decreased visibility. Construction equipment and procedures often stir up large amounts of dust and dirt into the air, decreasing a driver’s visibility range. With decreased visibility comes an increased likelihood of accidents.
  • Lack of warning signs. If drivers are not provided with adequate advance warning of upcoming construction, they might collide with construction materials or drive at speeds that are unsafe for a construction zone.
  • Inaccurate signs. Signs may not properly describe how to navigate through a construction zone, which can lead to head-on collisions if a driver accidentally drives in the lane designated for oncoming traffic.


Construction Zone Accident Prevention

When driving through a construction zone, it is important to stay alert and keep your own safety and that of others in mind:


  • Drive slowly. Never drive over the posted speed limit in a construction zone. The speed limits are reduced in order to give you time to respond to changes and obstacles.
  • Look for signs. Constructions sites should had multiple signs warning up upcoming lane closures and other hazards.
  • Follow sign instructions as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to change into a new lane or try to move ahead and cut in front of other drivers. These actions in a construction zone can cause accidents that claim lives.
  • Watch out for workers. Construction workers are at an elevated risk to injury due to drivers. Keep their safety in mind as you pass through a construction site. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 100 road construction workers are killed in accidents each year, many by negligent drivers.
  • Avoid distractions. Do not talk on your phone, carry on an intense conversation, or otherwise take your eyes or mind off the road in a construction zone. Stay alert and prepared.
  • Report problems. If you notice a damaged or missing sign, road debris, or unsafe behavior by construction workers, immediately report the problems.


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