Creating a Library in Dreamweaver 8


Dreamweaver 8 enables you to create “libraries” of items and page elements that you can re-use. A library stores common elements that may appear on multiple pages. By creating a library in Dreamweaver 8, you may edit the common element once instead of having to visit each page to make changes, corrections or updates.

Usually, elements like tables, Java applets, and standard text paragraphs are good candidates for library storage. The library will store these items in a master file. Changes to the master file are reproduced on each page on which the file appears. integrated library system Creating a library in Dreamweaver 8 will be more useful for large sites that have elements that are repeated throughout the site. Creating a library in Dreamweaver 8 for a small site will not return much value.

Dreamweaver 8 comes with a library, but it is empty by default. To access the library, select Windows > Assets. The Library icon looks like an open book. Click the library icon and the Library panel will open.

Select the items you would like to save in the library. These elements could be text, image links, tables, tags or any other content

Choose the New Library Item button, shaped like a “+” sign integrated into a rectangle at the bottom of the pane. Your selected items will be placed in the library. Alternately, you may select Modify Library > Add Object To Library or you can simply drag the desired item to the Library pane.

Enter a name for your new Library item in the space provided and press “Enter.”

You may also create a placeholder for an element that you will include in a page but have not yet created. To create a placeholder library item, deselect everything on the active page and click the New Library Item button. Name your new library item. When you have created the element, you may return to the library and edit the placeholder to include the newly created element.

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