If you’re selling your writing services, you need clients. One of the easiest ways to attract clients is with a Web site. Once you’ve taken the plunge, and have created your site, the fun begins.

Your site will grow with your business; it’s organic. Think of it as an online journal, rather than as a brochure, portfolio or business card. Like a journal, your site benefits from frequent updating. The more often your site is updated, the higher your site will rise in the search engine rankings, and the more likely it is you will attract visitors by chance. And the more visitors you attract, the more prospective clients know about you and your services.

You should also think of your Web site as a long-term project. It may not provide you with all the clients you need this year, or next year, but your ultimate goal should be that your Web site brings in all the clients you need within three to five years.

In the beginning, you don’t even need to create a fully-fledged site. A blog (Web log) makes a fine starter Web site. You can get a free blog at Blogger.com:


Here are some ideas of what to include in your site:

=> Information is king online

Your site needs to have best essay writing service reddit enough information to encourage your visitors to return. The more often they visit your site, the more likely it is that they will hire you when they need a copywriter, or whatever other writing services you provide.

Everyone’s looking for information online. Therefore, your Web site needs to provide information for your visitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean information on copywriting. Your site is a showcase for your abilities, so you can put almost anything on your site.

Who are your clients? Are they small business people? If so, provide articles and other information relevant to small business. If your prospects are real estate agents, then provide information which will help the

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