Beware of Traps! “Internet Marketing” has become a hot topic over the last 3 or 4 years, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone is trying to clamber on to the Internet Marketing bandwagon and it’s not really surprising, with the promise of ultimate riches and the millionaire lifestyle.

But how many people actually go on to really achieve that Holy Grail? How many truly manage to build that automated, autopilot system that really earns 24 hours a day? How many so-called “gurus” actually exist? And, more to the point, how many can truthfully demonstrate that they do live the lifestyle that all the sales letters promise?

Hard hitting questions, eh?

It is certainly true that the world is your market on the web…and, if you can get it right, there is no doubt that the lifestyle that we’re all chasing so hard is achievable. However, if this is the case, why is it so many people fail? Why do so many people with great ideas and great products end up on the Internet scrap heap?

It might be something to do with some “traps” that can easily snare you if you’re not careful. They’re traps that everyone has, to some lesser or greater degree, fallen in to at some stage…And they’re traps you need to avoid (or fight your way through) to succeed!

You Gotta Have a Plan. I believe it was the Mad Hatter who asked Alice in Wonderland, as she stood at the crossroads:

“Where do you want to go today?”

She replied, “Oh, I don’t much care”.

The Mad Hatter’s insightful reposte was as follows: “In that case it matters not which road you take!”

Does that sound familiar? Everyone knows that there are great riches to be earned by marketing online, but not many people have a proper plan to ensure they get their slice of the pie. You see, we’ve all been primed (sold) to think that you put a product (any product)”up” on the Internet and then sit back and wait to get rich. You sit there watching your email, second by second as one order after another comes flooding in. Oh, if only it were that  togel hongkong easy!

Maybe the copywriters have got too good? It does seem that every product promises “all you have to do is plug in, sit back and win the lottery”. Do you know what the chances are of hitting the lottery jackpot? In the UK it’s a whopping 14 million to 1. This is about the same as the chances of you getting rich employing this approach. I know that may seem harsh but it’s the truth. One thing I never do is pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. I tell it like it is.

You see, you have to have a plan. Setting up an Internet business is the same as setting up a bricks and mortar business. If you don’t do it right – strategically plan every step and know exactly what all the steps are – you are doomed to fail.

Too many people just expect it to happen without any effort on their part. An Internet business is not a get rich scheme. It needs in-depth planning. It has to be a coherent plan with logical steps and a proper implementation (that means taking action, between you and me). It takes discipline and the proper knowledge.


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