From the name of the game itself to a Tie bet,

 we are going to cover some general baccarat terms to get you started and sounding like a pro, whatever your experience.Baccarat or Baccara – basically this means “zero” and refers to the value of face and 10 cards during play. The aim of the game is to get a hand which totals 9, or at least get closer than the dealer.Bank Bet – this bet bets against the player, in favour of the bank.Banker – the banker can be a player or the dealer. How refreshing! It is the name given to the person who deals the cards and monitor the table. OK, so it’s usually the dealer, but some casinos are generous! Bankroll – this is the same as always; the amount of money to be gambled with. The bit that you want to grow.Basic Strategy – all games have a basic strategy that suggests when to stand or take another card. The idea is that if followed strictly, it will provide the best possible malaysian horse racing return. Don’t forget the money management side though!Croupier – the name of the person with the grand job of being in charge of the Baccarat table. There are variations; the croupier doesn’t deal in American baccarat, unlike with mini and online versions.Dealer – obviously the person who deal the cards but in mini and online baccarat, this job falls to the croupier. In American baccarat it is the banker that deals the cards, with secondary dealers at the ends of the table handling the bets.Face Card – important cards in any game. Jacks, Queens and Kings all have a value of zero and enable a strong hand including a natural. Ladderman – only found in live casinos but a cool name and job! The person that oversees thebaccarat game from a chair that sits above the table.Loss Bet – a bet which bets against the bank. So a player bet would be a loss bet as it needs the bank to lose.Mini-baccarat – A miniature version of the game with a smaller table and fewer seats. Much more up close and personal.Natural – the best possible hand which totals 8 or 9 and is dealt immediately.Player Bet – this bets against the banker, in the player´s favour.Push – a different name for a tie between the player and the dealer: the player’s stake is returned. So if both got a total of 7, the player doesn’t lose out. Bets on the dealer or player lose, but a tie bet will pay out.Tie Bet – a bet that predicts the player and the dealer will get the same result. More popular than you might first imagine.

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