Anal sex pleasures can be better derived from the following formula: Knowledge + Lubricants + Patience. For pleasurable anal sex activities liberal…

Anal sex is a great sexual pleasure and a lustful spice added to sexual activities. Many nerve ends in the anal milieu and rectum respond well to anal Mcleodganj escorts stimulations, Guest Posting and the tight anus rings cause strong sensations to a thrusting penis!

Two rings of muscles, called sphincters, functioning independently, form the anal gate: Anus. The external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system like your lips or fingers, but the internal sphincter is autonomous like your heart which reacts and tenses up even when you try to relax. With experience and practice you may be able to control the internal sphincter movement to get easy penetration during the anal intercourse.

Besides all vital tips, techniques and pro methods of better anal sex, the answer of the famous question – Are anal muscles loosening with abundant anal sex? – is also included in Amy’s Better Sex Tutorial – Anal Sex Section.

How to maximize anal sex pleasures?

With a little attention and proper knowledge anal sex is not painful or messy but full of pleasures and satisfactions. Pain in anal sex activity means that something is wrong! With enough lubricant and patience it’s entirely possible to enjoy anal sex as a fulfilling part of your sexual activities.

It’s a fact that many men and women can achieve orgasm more easily with the help of anal sex activities! So learn how to make safe and pleasurable anal sex and don’t refrain yourself to give these sensational pleasures to your lover.

If you want to avoid any inconvenience in anal sex you may profit from dedicated diets for regular bowel movements. For effortless movements you need to control your food! For more information on cleanliness in anal sex, refer to Amy’s Better Sex Tutorial – Cleanliness section.

Even in the most joyful anal sex activity never forget to strictly reserve fingers, vibrators or dildos for only anal insertions and not to use them for vaginal insertion without truly cleaning. If you switch to vaginal intercourse from anal sex change the condom with a new one. Rectal microorganisms are harmless into your rectum, but if transferred to vagina, they may cause serious infections!

How to get maximum pleasures from anal sex?

Some people love anal sex, some other hate it! Anyway don’t force your partner to perform anal sex if she/he is not in the mood, and also don’t feel yourself obliged to make anal sex if you don’t want it! Better is to try anal sex at a special time, when you and your partner need something different and mischief, or when you feel yourself ready to discover unique anal sex pleasures.

Many men’s desire of including anal sex into sexual activities may be considered as a sign of mastering, a show of domination, and unfortunately it’s not a real need of better and lustful sex performance most of the time.

Anal sex pleasures can be better derived from the following formula: Knowledge + Lubricants + Patience. For pleasurable anal sex activities liberal lubrication is a must. More is better! Against the drying problem of water based lubricants, you can use oil based ones or Vaseline, or you can prepare your own lubricant with Amy’s special formulas.

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