About LED Televisions


LED TVs are typically a variance of LCD TVs. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs use fluorescent lights to produce images whereas LED TVs use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology to produce images. LEDs are semiconductor light sources which have a comparatively longer life than other technologies which produce light. This technology was used in ordinary lights to illuminate our houses and now they are being used to produce images in television. There are two types of LED TVs; the dynamic RGB LEDs, in which the LEDs are positioned behind the panels and white edge-LEDs in which they are positioned around the rim of the screen using diffusion panel to spreads light evenly across the screen. With so much basic knowledge about technology of LED TVs, let us now look at other features of LED television which you would want to know before buying one of these.

The LED lights used inside the television pub online tv app are far thinner than other technology and thus give you a television which is slimmer and lighter. With this decrease in size and weight, LED Television can be used as your wall mounts and decorate your rooms. This technology has also made wider screens with much lighter weight possible.

Angles from which you watch the television play a major role in giving you a satisfied viewing with images becoming blurred and shades of the colour not exactly as it should be if the angle is too wide. This is not a problem with LEDs as they give you wide view angles, more so because of the thicker and higher panel glass quality. Anti glare technology help prevent the glare on the images.

Check out for the additional features that some brands of LED televisions provide, you have 4 HDMI ports making you equipped for a perfect home entertainment. With most TVs being compatible for gaming mode, the image processing time is very less as gaming modes decrease the input lag which might lead to increase in the image processing time.

A television set which gives you a satisfied experience in home entertainment, occupying less space and also decorates your walls is perfect for your house when you are ready to spend to keep yourself entertained.

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