English bulldog puppies are about as cute as they come. Everyone falls in love with these pups from the moment they lay eyes upon them. Their faces with the extra folds of skin and the small under bite that all English bulldogs have, is part of the reason they are so irresistible.

The English bulldog belongs in the house with their master where they feel the most comfortable. They need this companionship more than other breeds of dogs. This type of dog will do very well in  French bulldog puppies for adoption an apartment since they are very laid back and are content just to lay by the owner. They make a great pet for kids also, while usually getting along with other pets in the home.

Your best bet when buying your puppies is to watch the litter interact and choose the one that you like the best. Since English bulldog puppies are not known for protection dogs, you do not have to be so choosy about the pack leaders in the litter.

English bulldog puppies are extremely stubborn and bull headed. The family needs to establish quickly what the social order is around the house. Once the dog learns this, they stay in line without problems. The dogs do take up to two years to reach maturity. So for the first couple of years, the puppies will be quite active. After that, they becomes very lazy. They are also known to drool, slobber, be messy eaters and snore quite loudly.

English bulldog puppies come in a lot of different color patterns and it is up to the individual as to what they like. They have a nice slick coat that is easy to care for and are in the normal shedding range. Even though the dog looks small in stature, they are quite massive and thick. The dog seems to be aware of its own power and strength and so does not feel the need to project that image.

Make sure you take your new puppy outside about every hour until you are able to house train it. Give the puppy chew toys to occupy their time and help with the cutting of more teeth in their massive mouth. It is important that you do not let your dog get overweight. English bulldogs are prone to breathing problems, poor eyesight, very susceptible to heat strokes, skin infections, hip and knee problems and flatulence if fed anything other than their regular dog food.

The average life span of English bulldog puppies is only about 8 years, which is less that most other breeds of dog. You should have a good veterinarian in case you run into any of the health problems listed.


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